Monday, 3 October 2011


So the last couple of weeks.../months have been pretty rough for me - I endured a messy break up, am about to get kicked out of my flat and much, much more. So, in order to heal myself, I've come up with a genious plan . A rescue remedy of  40 days and 40 nights. So the deal is, that in every day you have to do something beneficial for yourself. NOTE: This can't include a boy or significant other. It just means that you need to take the time to do something special every day that makes you feel good or smile. The aim is that - by the 40th - doing something amazing for your own person will come naturally to your way of life. So voila ! I encourage every one of you to join in! I'll keep you posted :) And now I'll leave you with this. (Start listening from 40 seconds)  Smile everyone.

Blogging virginity

For the past couple of months, I wrote to myself through a personal blog which was for my sole purpose was pretty healing - that will remain anonymous and hidden however THIS, you beautiful people, is for all of your enjoyment. So first things first, If you hadn't already read the side tab I'm Lex - an aspiring fashion journalist who is slightly overwhelmed by all things vintage. On this blog you will probably find photos of all sorts ie. nature, delish recipes, fashion! fashion! fashion!, cute posts about fun things and plenty of good times. Soooo, welcome everyone! Mail me, comment, follow - just do your thing

Alright - go and have a cup of tea, and have an amazing day everyone :D